BUFFALO, NY- On a day that a billionaire with ties to Buffalo expressed his desire to keep the Bills in Western New York, more details emerged about the Toronto based groups interested in moving the team across the border.

Most Bills fans are well aware of the potential ownership group spearheaded by musician Jon Bon Jovi and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Chairman Larry Tannenbaum. Two On Your Side has been told that group intends to move the Bills to Toronto, even though it would be very difficult to do so until after 2019.

Two On Your Side has also learned that a group from Rogers Communications has expressed interest in purchasing the Bills. Rogers Communications was the group the Bills partnered with on their Toronto series.

Many people believe the groups are connected, but Two On Your Side has been told otherwise.

As far as the efforts to keep the Bills in Buffalo, Delaware North CEO Jeremy Jacobs said in a statement Thursday that he will do whatever he can to keep the team from moving.

"We are using our resources, our contacts, our relationships to do everything we can to ensure the Bills stay in Buffalo," Jacobs said.

Jacobs has said he will not sell the Boston Bruins to purchase the Bills, something that would be required by the NFL in order to purchase the team.

It is possible though one of Jacobs' sons could purchase the Bills to abide by the NFL rules.

Two On Your Side has been told they remain active players in the Bills ownership situation.

Billionaire Donald Trump has also been vocal about his desire to keep the Bills in Buffalo.

Aside from Jacobs and Trump, Two On Your Side has also been told there are several other groups that are interested in keeping the Bills in Buffalo. Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly may later become involved with one of those groups.

However with former Bills owner Ralph Wilson's having passed away about a month ago, the future sale of the Bills is in the very early stages of development. The franchise has yet to be valued nor has an investment bank become involved.

It is only then that potential bids and buyers can be vetted.

While a potential new owner for the Bills is possible by the fall a far more likely time of sale is next March.

Two On Your Side has been told their is no leading candidate for ownership of the Buffalo Bills at this point in time.

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