BUFFALO, N.Y.- WGRZ sports anchor Jonah Javad and BillsMafia co-founder Del Reid have teamed up to create a Twitter-driven video webcast to discuss all things Buffalo Bills.

The webcast will be called the WGRZ & #BillsMafia #Fancast. Every couple weeks or so, Jonah and Del will discuss a handful of topics pertaining to the Bills. Included in the conversation will be tweets sent from you, the fan. The Fancast is a way to bring that water-cooler talk to a larger forum: the internet.

To join the interactive discussion, simply tweet your opinion and thoughts regarding a certain Bills topic and remember to include the #BillsMafia and #Fancast hashtags.

Jonah and Del will use fan tweets throughout the webcast to provide the "fan" perspective. (Fans are like snowflakes. Every one is unique in his or her own special way. But, they all fit together.)

Of course if you have ideas for how to improve the Fancast or submit a topic for discussion, tweet them to Jonah (@JonahJavad) and Del (@mrdeadlier).

*T-shirt worn by Jonah Javad supports shirts. Multiple causes. One goal.

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