Gov. Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend failed to obtain building permits for renovations at their six-bedroom home in New Castle. In towns like New Castle that have not conducted a revaluation for decades, building permits are the only way a town assessor can raise a property's assessment, on which a home's property taxes are based.


NEW CASTLE, N.Y. – Sandra Lee, the Food Network domestic diva and partner of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has built a national brand with her Semi-Homemade Cooking shows and household products, promoting what's billed as "attainable, affordable products to the overextended homemaker and busy professional."

Lee enjoys what might be considered a more unattainable lifestyle at the six-bedroom, $1.2 million house she shares with Cuomo at 4 Bittersweet Lane. She has done much in the past six years to improve the three-acre property she calls Lily Pond, but along the way, has run afoul of town Building Inspector Bill Maskiell.

Maskiell said he had to hound her for six months in 2012 to obtain a building permit for a gazebo and shed she'd installed. Now he says Lee needs permits for interior renovations conducted over the past several years and much touted in the press.

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