In a life or death situation you would hope someone would be there to help you. This week, Batavia Downs customer was lucky enough to have a security guard there for him when he started having health troubles.

A normal day on the job for 21 year old Cory Lapp, a security guard at Batavia Downs turned quickly after responding to a report that a customer needed help. Lapp explains that it came over the radio that a patron had fell.

Lapp said, "So he was sitting down at a game and as he was taking a sip of his coffee he just went to set it down and he had his heart attack, he leaned back and he fell."

Cory's medical training came in handy. He has been working as a volunteer fire fighter now for several years.

Lapp said, "his color was off, he seemed a little bit purple and when I looked at this chest it wasn't rising or falling and he wasn't moving at all."

Lapp started to give the elderly man CPR while his co-worker grabbed the defibrillator; the elderly man was taken to the hospital. He doesn't know who the man was but is just glad he could help. At work people acknowledge his fast actions, calling him a hero.

Lapp said, "I don't really consider myself a hero because if I didn't have the other people helping me I wouldn't have been able to do my job,so in a sense we just all worked together as a group and helped each other."

"Don't be afraid to help. It doesn't take much to actually save someone."

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