BUFFALO, N.Y.- The band Raven was hotter than a pistol in 1969. They were the top club-act in Buffalo, playing to packed houses every night.

The group consisted of Tony Galla, Gary Mallaber, Tom Calandra, John Weitz and Jimmy Calire. They put the "Buffalo sound" on the map. In search offame and fortune, theyhit the road.

Afterweeks and weeks of knocking on doors, they finally caught a break. Jimi Hendrix heard their tape and talked the owner of the legendary New York nightclub "The Scene" to let them play.

Before they knew it some of the biggest names in music were coming in. George Harrison tried to sign them to Apple Records, but on the urging and recommendation of Jimi Hendrix, they signed with Columbia Records.

They thought they'd made it, but never were able tobreak through to the next level. As Mallaber put it "the forces of life got in the way". Galla said "We didn't do our homework".

Individually they all continued to have successful careers in the music industry, but it was Raven that drew the forces together to create the Buffalo sound and a lot of memories.