Nearly four feet of snow has fallen near Kissing Bridge in Colden, and that's a welcome sight for skiers and snowboarders.


COLDEN, N.Y. - Kissing Bridge has only been open three weeks, but already folks there are calling this the best start to the ski season in 17 years.

Nearly four feet of snow fell there this week, and machines are adding more fresh powder to that base.

"I've been here more than a quarter of a century, and I haven't seen this much snow compacted in so few days. This is a real God sent," said Peter Calleri, marketing manager.

There are 19 runs and four lifts open this weekend, and more will open next weekend, which also happens to be the official start of winter. Kissing Bridge will usher in the new season with their "Welcome to Winter" festival.

There will be a snowboarding competition, mountain scavenger hunt, and tug-o-war, among other family-friendly activities.

Click here to check conditions at Kissing Bridge.

In 2012, skiers and snowboarders couldn't hit the slopes until the day after Christmas.