BUFFALO, NY - Just a few days after he resigned, a former Niagara County town supervisor pleaded guilty Monday morning to official misconduct.

Stephen Richards resigned as town of Niagara supervisor last Friday after several months of promising he would fight to stay in office.

But in court on Monday, he admitted to using town workers, on town time, to pick up and deliver a catch basin to Richards Motor Service, a business that Richards owns.

"Steven Richards has admitted that he misused his position and used town resources to benefit himself personally, abusing both his office and the trust placed in him by the public," Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a released statement. "He has vacated his office and submitted his retirement papers last week. With Richards' retirement and guilty plea, we have ensured that hardworking Niagara families will no longer have to pay for their town supervisor's personal use of town property and resources."

Richards faces sentencing this summer.

A deputy supervisor will hold his office until a special election, which hasn't been scheduled yet.

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