WILSON, NY-Classes got underway two hours later than usual Friday in the Wilson so the school district could deal with a potential security issue.

School officials got wind of a rumor Thursday night that a student was on campus with a weapon while after school activities were going on. Police were called and an immediate search of school grounds took place. When the student in question had not been located by Friday morning, Superintendent Dr. Michael Wendt decided to delay the school day so the district could continue to check out the rumor and make one more sweep of the campus.

Dr. Wendt got word around 7:15 A.M. that the student had been located and the decision was made to open school after a two hour delay. Dr. Wendt says there was no conclusive evidence whether or not the student did indeed have a weapon.

A letter was posted on the district's website explaining the situation to parents to assure them that all measures were taken to insure students were not put at risk.

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