CHEEKTOWAGA, NY--- A TSA officer at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport is being credited for helping save a passenger's life.

The TSA says that a man collapsed at the airport on Monday and was not breathing. That's when James Dolph sprung into action to save him.

Dolph checked on the man, and discovered he did not have a pulse.

"Fortunately I knew that there was a defibrillator only about 15 feet away, and I grabbed it while another traveler opened the man's shirt," said Dolph,

Dolph followed the instructions on the machine. "I pushed the red button and it shocked him," Dolph recalled.

A nurse who happened to be at the airport, did chest compressions until paramedics arrived. The man did regain consciousness.

Once the man was in the care of first responders, Dolph and the nurse high-fived each other and Dolph went back to work.

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