Who couldn't use a little extra money, right?

Throughout June you'll have the chance to cash in thanks to a trend that's catching on across the country.

Someone is hiding envelopes with money somewhere in Western New York. You'll have to follow clues on Twitter in order to find it.

There will be two giveaways each week. Clues leading you to the hidden treasure will be tweeted via the handle @MysteryMoneyBuf.

According to the Twitter page every time someone finds an envelope with money, a new clue will be posted to Twitter about the mystery family behind this month-long scavenger hunt.

If you guess who the family is, you are eligible to win a "top secret grand prize." You have to tweet the answer to win.

The first scavenger hunt winner found the envelope 15 minutes after the first clue was given Saturday morning. Inside was $150 in cash. The note also gave him directions on how to claim two tickets to the 2014 Buffalo Bills home opener.

The next contest is Tuesday June 10th. There's no word on what time the first clue of the day will be revealed.

Good luck!

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