CHEEKTOWAGA, NY-- The woman at the center of a viral YouTube video about racism is speaking out.

The video was posted by YouTube user "IAMOYAB" who claims it was recorded in the parking lot of a store in Cheektowaga on Friday, May 30th.

The video shows a woman and her young children being recorded by a person inside a vehicle. The woman yells at the person in the vehicle and at several points uses the "n-word."

ORIGINAL STORY: YouTube video sparks conversation about racism

The woman, whose name is Janelle, asked that we only use her first name. She contacted 2 On Your Side's Melissa Holmes to discuss what sparked the incident and what followed after the video was posted on YouTube.

Woman in YouTube video talks about the incident that has now gone viral

Janelle called a second time to issue an apology:

Woman at the center of YouTube video wants to apologize

She called again to issue a statement which you can watch below.

Janelle issues statement regarding comments in YouTube video

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