Two Lacrosse Teams come together for one purpose - and what a moment it is!


GRAND ISLAND, NY -- The Grand Island Lacrosse Team had a very good year. 11-1 going into the final game against Williamsville North. This game was special. Mitch Weis has been the team manager and ball boy for four years. Mitch, who has down syndrome, loves the game and loves his team. He has never played in a game, but that was about to change.

The two coaches strategized while the players warmed up. They were determined to get Mitch in the game and all players on both teams were onboard. So, with minutes left in the game, Mitch went in. He scooped up the ball and took a shot on net. The crowd went wild. Mitch picked up the rebound, shot again and scored! It was an incredible moment as players and coaches from both teams cheered for Mitch.

Grand Island won by two goals. Mitch was given a varsity letter and much praise for his amazing accomplishment. Mitch's parents, coach and teammates loved the moment just as much as Mitch.

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