Lance Corporal Joshua Fritz surprised his wife and mother and got to meet his two-day old baby boy for the first time.


NORTH TONAWANDA, NY - Lance Corporal Joshua Fritz was a world away when his baby boy was born. The Marine was on a tour of duty in the Middle East. He left in July, just two days after his wedding. Of course, his wife, Justine missed him terribly. He was gone through her entire pregnancy and the birth of the baby. Little did she know that he was coming home to surprise her.

Lance Corporal Fritz's sister, Kaitlin contacted me to let me know that her brother was on his way home. Twenty-four hours of travel and he was finally here. We had set up interviews with Lance Corporal Fritz's mom and wife - all the while, keeping the secret. As we were in the middle of our interviews, their Marine walked in and surprised them. It was an emotional night for the entire family.

Lance Corporal Fritz held his baby and seemed to be in awe. He is home for ten days before leaving once again. They are making up for lost time and enjoying every moment together as a family.

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