Faced with a shortage of available drivers on weekends, Erie County seeks to hire up to 15 part time snow plow operators at $15/hr.


BUFFALO, NY - Seasonal plow drivers are being sought to fill a current staff shortage within the ranks of the Erie County Department of Public Works (DPW).

The county is seeking to hire 15 seasonal drivers to cover the five districts that it is responsible for plowing during snow events.

The DPW commissioner recently addressed the County Legislature, alerting lawmakers to the fact that the weekend shifts are extremely understaffed, posing a risk for motorists.

According to County Executive Mark Poloncarz, the additional hires would help Erie County better maintain its roads and improve safety by adequately clearing snow and ice.

Poloncarz said it was also a cost-effective solution for the problem, as the part timers, who would not receive benefits on top of their $15 hourly wage, would cut down on the need to pay overtime to full time snow plow operators.

County Legislator Joe Lorigo urged the county to move on this effort quickly, with the first significant snowfall already in the record books and the next perhaps shortly behind.

The agreement was approved unanimously by the Legislature at the Dec. 12, 2013 session, providing the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works the ability to fill the positions immediately.

Drivers will be hired as seasonal employees and will be assigned a weekend shift. Applicants must hold a valid Commercial Driver's License and submit their resume to the Personnel Clerk for the Department of Public Works, 95 Franklin St., Room 1414, Buffalo, NY 14202.