WILLIAMSVILLE, NY - 2 On Your Side spoke with Dr. Kandala Chary, a medical oncologist at CCS Oncology in Williamsville, about the medical treatment of recurrent cancers. While he has not treated Jim Kelly and is not familiar with the details of Kelly's personal medical history, he spoke to us about how squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck spread, and prospects for recovery when they recur.

Dr. Chandry said that the vast majority of head and neck cancers tend to recur locally, in areas of the head and neck. If a patient had cancer of the mouth, for instance, it's most likely to recur in the mouth. "By the time it spreads to others areas it's usually even further advanced."

He said that these types of recurrent tumors are often difficult to treat.

You can watch the entire interview with Dr. Chandry in the video above.

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