LAKEWOOD, N.Y. -- A former marine has nearly finished the journey of a lifetime to raise money for the Wounded Warrior project.

Lakewood resident Joshua Lydell is currently five pairs of sneakers and five months into a cross-country journey in which he started on foot in South Carolina, and will end in California.

Lydell's reason for walking across the U.S. is to make sure regular Americans remember that returning veterans can use a hand.

"We forget if we're not constantly reminded," Lydell said in a phone interview Tursday.

He's shooting to raise $10,000.

Military members from across the country have come out to greet him

"They stop to chat with me. Generally speaking, they're very supportive," Lydell said.

He's captured every landscape in America along his way.

"America the beautiful is what I can say about the pictures that I've posted. There's a continuing canvass that I get to witness as I go along that's continually changing."

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