BUFFALO, NY- Buffalo's Central Terminal has been home to many memorial events over the years, but few have taken advantage of the height of the building like this one.

A gigantic air bag was set up in the middle of the terminal, that Buffalonians could jump on from way high up.

The jump is part of a television program that will air this fall that encourages people to jump on the air bag from as high as they can to raise money for charity.

"It's deceiving, the air bar is very large when you're on the ground, so looking up, it doesn't look that high," Aspen Decker, executive producer of Dare Me for Charity said.

"But when you get up top, and you get on this very small platform looking down, it's very intimidating."

While the jump may seem scary, others see it as a chance to raise money for charity while having fun.

"He just said jump, and that's what I did, and it was amazing," said one jumper.

"Such a rush. It was great."

To learn more about Dare Me 4 Charity, visit their website.

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