HAMBURG, NY- With food being the biggest attraction for the Erie County Fair, organizers plan to up the ante with brand new dishes for the fair's 175th edition.

For ice cream vendor Nick Charlap, the fair is an opportunity to do something new.

"For the fair we thought what better way to create something new with our cinnamon, than with a candy apple, so we put chunks of apple in there, and as you can see, people really enjoy it," Charlap said.

Others see the fair as a chance to go bigger. Several vendors say they're teaming up to serve the largest amount of chicken dinners ever.

"Who keeps track of such things, the record keepers, nationwide, the record is in Pennsylvania, with close to twenty for thousand dinners being sold, we're not going to attain that in our first year, but in New York State we're looking at hitting about seventeen thousand dinners on that one day," Marty Biniasz of the Erie County Fair said.

The fair though is about more than feeding yourself, as the Food Bank of Western New York plans once again to hold a caned food drive.

"Last year we produced the largest single canned good drive in Western New York history, with close to three hundred thousand pounds of food collected during last year's fair," Biniasz said.

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