ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. - What started as a bike shop for the many cyclists who spend summers whizzing through the woods in Ellicottville is now a place that they- and others- can top off the day with a delicious burrito.

Dennis Baldwin owned the bike shop, and a year ago turned it into the Bike and Bean with co-owner Rachel Northrup. Together, the two now serve up burritos and smoothies using fresh ingredients from local farms.

As a skiing town, Ellicottville can tend to die down a bit when the snow isn't on the ground. Baldwin says having a business with two very different focuses helps them through that.

"In the slow season in the summer, all of the other businesses are slow, and the bike shop's the only one that's thriving in the off-season, he said. "And in the summer season, I don't think I've ever bet a cyclist that doesn't like burritos."

"People were asking for this type of food, and we wanted this type of food," Northrup added. "We were like, 'somebody should do that.' It turns out, we were the people to do it."

You can check out the Bike and Bean at their Facebook page here. They're located on Washington street right in the heart of the village of Ellicottville.

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