Wallenda to Perform at Erie County Fair August 10th, says he wants to give back to WNY


HAMBURG, N.Y. - Call this a homecoming. Sure Nik Wallenda tamed the Falls of Niagara two summers ago, but Wallenda's link to the area actually goes back more than two decades, to the summer of 1992. That is when a 13-year-old Nik Wallenda performed with his family at the Erie County Fair.

Well, he has come a long way since then... and this summer his road returns to Western New York. "To be able to come back here and do a major stunt that will again attract the attention of the world to Western New York is exciting." Nik joined Erie County Fair organizers Thursday to share some of the details of that major stunt.

"So this walk will be over 100 feet high, it will be longer than the walk I did over Niagara Falls." 125 feet in the air, stretching 1400 feet right into the stadium. While this is just one stunt on August 10th, it is part of a 10-week stay here for Wallenda and his family. He announced in February that he will perform two shows a day at Darien Lake.

He explains "WNY sort of adopted me as sort of a step son and they treat me so well, they've been so great and so loving and supportive and I always said through that process I want to give back to this area."

His ultimate goal is the same as he mentioned after his crossing Niagara, a permanent attraction in the Falls. He summed up those efforts "You know, still working towards it. I live by three words, never give up." Wallenda, however said that his summer of events in WNY are a step in the right direction."And that's the goal here because Western New York has done so much for my career, clearly being the first to do anything major like walking across Niagara Falls, builds a name."

A name that Fair organizers say will attract over 100-thousand people when Nik takes to the high wire above the midway on August 10th.

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